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Contrary to popular belief.


Gabit 27 Special Edition (Sold Out)

(Gabit 27 Special Edition [M])

MYR 330.00

Sold by Gracshaw

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quantity    199 piece(s) available

Project CSR special helmet design for the Malaysia SIC AAM Offorad Championship and national motocross championship, Gabit Saleh. He is well-known among Malaysian motorcycle enthusiasts and racers for his determination and ferocity on the racetrack, as well as his pleasant personality when he is off the bike.


Gabit faced accident during Kemaman Motocross race, the accident broke several ribs and ruptured a lung. On 24 December 2021, doctors diagnosed Gabit’s illness as Stage 4 nasopharynx cancer (cancer in the nasal cavity). He sought treatment quickly and doctors employed chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The regiment took a toll on his health and family finances including wiping out his insurance coverage and savings. Gabit still has three young children (ages 8, 5 and 3) to take care of. The treatment cost for Gabit is quite high with radiotherapy treatment reaching more than RM18,000 for 33 treatments while the cost of chemotherapy for seven times is about RM18,000.


It is thus why Gracshaw Malaysia decided to help Gabit through these challenging times but creating a Gabit signature helmet. Gracshaw will donate a portion of its sales to Gabit’s rehabilitation, so every bit of assistance goes a long way to help Gabit and his family. Hopefully with a little help and donations from all of us we can support all the medical costs of our motorcycle hero gabit saleh ❤️

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